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Nanjing Eamech Electromechanical Co., Ltd. is a specialized enterprise dedicated to providing customized twin-screw extruders services to end customers. Our offerings encompass a holistic approach, including surveying, design, and trial runs, as well as the customization of various twin-screw extruder components, such as screw elements, barrels, Screw Shafts, gearboxes, heaters, plate changers, force feeders, die heads, and intelligent electrical control systems. We strictly adhere to national standards (GB3478) and German standards (DIN5480) for customizing screw elements and Screw Shafts.

Our mission is to cultivate a strong presence within the Nanjing twin-screw industry cluster, offering top-quality products and outstanding services to our clients. We aim to expand our reach globally by actively staying abreast of the latest developments in the international twin-screw extruder field and incorporating cutting-edge technologies to meet the diverse requirements of our global clientele. We predominantly utilize Siemens 1200 or 1500 series intelligent control systems, while remaining flexible to accommodate specific brand preferences through individual contractual arrangements.


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